Comic Review – TMNT Universe #8

TMNT Universe #8

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Eight issues already. Only feels like yesterday that IDW started their second ongoing title with TMNT Universe. And what a series it has been so far. Including this issue we’ve now had two arcs and two one-shots; a very nice balance I think.

Ferrier and Gorham conclude their sci-fi tale as Donatello struggles with his doppelganger. Come to think of it, is doppelganger the correct term? Think about it. A digitized version of you, in a different body – is that still you? It is isn’t it? Yeah, you’ll be in the ‘right’ body and you’ll be older by as much time has passed since the transfer/copy was made, but does that make them any less you than you are? When this arc is asking those questions it’s at its best.

Anyone who thinks comics, especially comics filled with anthropomorphic animals, can’t be challenging should be shown Metalhead 2.0. And if they can’t see what’s good about it, more fool them.

So, as a concept and a piece of art I’m fully on board. But how does the second issue fare when it gets to the nitty-gritty? I’ll be honest with you, I think I liked the first issue more. That’s not to say part two is bad, it isn’t at all, but I adored the intrigue what to me felt like a more thoughtful approach. There’s one thing in particular that made me roll my eyes a bit as it felt like the story was being falsely escalated. Could it have been kept lower-key? I don’t know (I struggle to even put together a review sometimes!).

There are a lot of positives too! I just can’t get into them too much without spoiling things. Suffice to say, turtle bros can complain about supposedly ‘legitimate’ tactics in fighting games too! There’s more bro time and it’s great to see.

Before we finish for this month…Is ‘What is Ninja?’ the best backup in any TMNT story? It might be you know. I feel like I picked up what was going on a lot better this week. It’s really poignant too. A well crafted piece that is coming together nicely.

As a writer for Flickering Myth I’m privy to review copies of comics. This review was first and foremost written for them.

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