Carnage Review

Carnage is about two sets of parents arguing over a fight between their children. Doesn’t sound all that enticing does it?¬†Generally I’d dismiss such a premise immediately, especially on a Saturday night.

Fortunately I ignored my first impulse and settled in, so rather than watch repeats of Family Guy I watched my first film directed by Roman Polanski.

It’s readily apparent that the story began life as a play but the performances of the cast manage to make up for the slightly contrived ways in which everyone is kept together.

Waltz in particular stood out, moving through indifference, onto pally nonchalance and then into anger and frustration. Foster nicely played against type but Reilly suffered from being amusing even when I’m sure he wasn’t meant to be.

Despite touching on a lot of subjects that had me nodding thoughtfully at the TV there isn’t enough to get stuck into for this to be a great film. However, it’s nicely put together and moves along at a good pace as it makes four normal people likable, detestable and relatable.

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