Bugsnax Review

Part Pokémon Snap, part Detective Pikachu, all charming, Bugsnax is a quirky, catchy game. From the music to the character design it feels unlike anything around at the moment.

As an unnamed journalist, you travel to Snaktooth Island on the trail of renowned adventurer Elizabert Megafig. She’s gone missing, and you need to figure out what’s happened. As you do you’ll come into contact with a varied cast of characters, and the titular Bugsnax.

First off, the Bugsnax themselves. It’s been a few days since I last played the game and I still find myself mumbling “Bunger Bunger Bungeeerrr”. The little critters arrival comes through their chanting of their name (another Pokemon similarity) through the controller. The designs are not always as obvious as I expected, but always pleasantly full of character.

Catching them starts off simply; just throw that trap down and you’ve got yourself a Strabby. A few hours later you’ve really got to put the pieces together as capture relies on multi-step processes. The clues are there, but I must say that once again the PS5 Activity Cards, and their included hints, are a lifeline for impatient old me.

I really enjoyed getting to know the inhabitants of Snaktooth Island. One of my first thoughts was I loved how inclusive they are as a group. These Grumpuses do reflect real-life; in their relationships, their desires, and their fears. Getting them all together and performing interviews was the high point of the game.

Bugsnax can be a muddled experience though. My enjoyment of the journalistic side of things was tainted by my frustrations with poor to non-existent sign posting and long load times. To me Bugsnax is a PS5 game, but you shouldn’t come in expecting a technical tour deforce.

Balance your expectations, and you’ll find Bugsnax to be an endearing and compelling little mystery. It’s strength are its characters and tone. And it’s so damn catchy!

Played OnPS5
Time Spent9 hours on the story
Pros+ Catchy tunes
+ Inclusive, realistic relationships and characters
+ Compelling mystery
Cons– Load times
– Muddled focus
OverallWell worth a go, Bugsnax is a unique critter. Not perfect, but entertaining.

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