100 Word Review – Blood Father

Mel Gibson’s rage and devil-may-care attitude come to bear in Blood Father.

I could honestly watch him all day in this kind of form. His muscles, awesome beard and abundance of charisma are on full display. Blood Father may be a relatively straight-forward vehicle to showcase his talent but it also pleasingly punches above its weight with well developed emotional heft.

Clearly he’s going for broke so it’s a good thing his intensity is matched by the story and direction. It’s violent, no-nonsense and entertaining.

When his ex-con and alcoholic character apologises for his past, is Mel publicly apologising too?


  1. I really enjoyed this far more than I expected. Gibson continues to impress. Did you ever get to see Get The Gringo, an earlier grindhouse film he made not long after his fall from grace?

    • I haven’t seen it no. If it’s anything like this then I’ll have to give it a go.

      Real shame he’s trouble in other aspects of his life. I don’t know the details so have no opinion but it’s been a loss to cinema.

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