Argo Review

Ben Affleck didn’t get the Best Director Academy Award for Argo.

I’ll be blunt…that is a bloody travesty. What more could a guy do.

Based on the true story of American Hostages in Iran, Argo forgoes all flash and spectacle. Instead it quietly puts all the pieces into motion, and then makes you squirm as you wonder how there is any chance it will work out.

If you can experience this film without knowing anything beforehand (like we did), then you are in for such a treat.

We were so drawn into the story and so invested that it made it extremely agonising to watch. We argued about how it would end and kept making various noises in attempts to settle down. It was hard! The other half had to get up and pace the front room she was getting so fraught. In telling her to settle down and enjoy it I myself then realised how extremely wound up I’d become.

Films like this don’t get made that often, which is a shame. I know it’s been said before, but Affleck is a far better director than he has ever been an actor. Saying that, he is very good here. Supporting him fantastically are Alan Arkin and John Goodman, whose characters bring the entertainment with a surprising amount of humour. Bryan Cranston brings his usual quality to the role of the CIA supervisor. Funny to think that the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle had so much in him.

In summary, You need to watch this film. Take it in and do your best to enjoy it. You might struggle! But it will be worth it.

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