Appreciating a Milestone


When I started this little blog in July last year I thought it would just be somewhere to keep the pieces I wrote for other websites. A receptacle for articles that won’t be seen. A personal record. As things progressed it turns out that a few people don’t mind what I write.

Several times I’ve wondered why I bother. Page views aren’t tangible. It could easily be an arbitrary number and not link to the quality of anything I do. But then someone will leave a comment, or a friend will say how they read a review. They say keep it up, and my heart is lifted and my drive replenished.

I’ll be trying to get more interviews. Then of course there will always be more comic and film reviews. The odd opinion piece too! If there is anything you think could be a good idea I’m open to suggestions.

So sorry guys, but you’re stuck with me. Thanks for all the likes, RT’s, shares and words of encouragement. It really is appreciated.

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