#Alive Review

Legitimately scary zombies, a helicopter, all the way through to the feeling of loneliness. I was getting legit Resident Evil vibes throughout #Alive. In some ways it’s the best Res film I’ve seen. Change a few details and you’d be set!

But if we think of the Resident Evil films, that’s not a hard bar to clear. #Alive is a perfectly decent flick, but it doesn’t do anything fresh apart from some cursory glances at how younger people use technology.

The situation is a simple one – young streamer Joon-woo wakes to find the apartment empty and news reports of things having gone extremely sideways. #Alive follows him as he struggles to maintain hope and some sort of sanity.

It’s all competently put together, with the zombies themselves the high point. The ferocity and creepiness of the actors combined with some great makeup gives them a fantastic feel. I’ve moved past ‘zombies can’t run’, so I can fully embrace the approach and the terrifying nature of it.

The film’s scope is fairly limited, and it makes sense, but it’s also the film’s biggest weakness. At times it comes uncomfortably close to the predicament many people around the world are finding themselves in, but it doesn’t do much with it.

#Alive is alright. But perhaps its biggest success is that I know I really need to give Train to Busan a go now.

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