Aliens vs Predator: Requiem Review

Like any project or piece of work, a film likely has an intention. In the case of Requiem, I can only assume that its intention was to improve it’s predecessor via comparison. There are a couple of decent nuggets in here, but generally it succeeds in its intent.

First up then, the story. The idea that this film should be centred around is right there. A Predator acting as a cleanup crew for the events of the first AvP is really cool! ‘Wolf’, the main Predator, is even named after after Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction. Unfortunately no one commits to the idea, especially Wolf himself, who seems constantly distracted by his instinct to hunt. He’s equipped with ‘magical blue gloop’, which removes all biological traces, and never uses it as a weapon! He never seems to run out either. Magical. Also, why dissolve human remains but then kill a witness and display his skinned body? It ticks a Predator trope for sure…

Alongside this is an entire plot thread based around teenage romance. In a film with Aliens and Predators. What the fuck eh. The film already gives us multiple ways to get lots of Aliens so it’s extraneous.

I’d love to dig into the overall aesthetic of Requiem but I can’t. It’s soooooo dark. The horse has long since bolted when it comes to any mystery surrounding these creatures, so there’s no need to hide so much of it with no light and quick cuts. Come on, we’ve seen Aliens teaming up and we’ve seen more than one Predator hunt and look after itself. Though having watched a YouTube video on how every film since the original has managed to screw up the Predator face, perhaps they were hiding it!

Then there’s the Predalien, which is…fine? Despite ticking a host of boxes when it comes to grotesqueness, it doesn’t make much of an impression.

AVPR isn’t awful, but it is dumb, and ultimately a waste of a good idea. And…why call it Requiem?

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