A Few Good Men Review

A Few Good Men

Even if you haven’t seen it, if I asked you to quote one line from A Few Good Men I could tell you what it would be.


One of the most famous lines in cinema, yelled at the camera by one of it’s most famous actors.

The concern I had going in was if the film could live up to the weight I’d put on that scene. Fortunately it does! There’s more though to this film than Nicholson getting irate.

  1. Sam Weinberg can be added to the list of ever supportive Sam’s who make the main character what they are.
  2. Nicholson isn’t in the film much, but he is stunning. You can’t take your eyes off him and that quote is so much within the story.
  3. Unsurprisingly, Sorkin’s script is razor sharp.

It’s fantastic when a film lives up to the hype. A Few Good Men is an entertaining courtroom drama with great performances all round.

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