X-Wing Tournament #4

XXX vs the First Order

What a miserable git

My last X-wing piece centered on two things – putting things into perspective with facts, and the start of 2.0 with a fantastic tournament at Entoyment in Poole.

Two and a half months later, I hear you asking…what’s been going on Chris? 

To be honest my X-wing time has been really mixed. I’ve now played four 2.0 tournaments, with two good showings (some games I played absolute corkers) and one that was simply abysmal. It was bad enough that I didn’t play for three weeks, as it really shook how I felt about the game. I’ve been a right misery (sorry Blue Squadron), messing around with lists that got me nowhere. Lots of dead ends.

My means of countering this was to buy a ticket for the local tournament coming up at Fistful of Dice and hope to hell I could figure something out. With a week to go I was struggling, until my Brother (Ben of starwarsxwing Instagram fame) came to the rescue.

How about some X-Wings?

Yep, with a nudge from Ben, and some ships from Phil, I was flying as a Rebel for the first time in nearly 5 years of playing X-wing. A few games with Luke, Wedge, and Dutch felt awfully ANH, but sadly I wasn’t picking up what the Y-wing was putting down. So the night before the tournament I swapped him out for Thane. XXX. Sexy stuff. I described my approach to the tournament in three words to Ben before I went to bed.


Round 1 – Nick

Quickdraw + Blackout + Malarus

Nick is a top guy, so I knew I’d be in a for good game regardless of what went on. Great to see QD on a table again, as she was part of my all-time favourite list in 1.0 (Vessery, QD, Aggressor).

Unfortunately she didn’t last long, as I pointed three torps at her. Malarus was more frustrating with her Glitterstim like ability.

Blackout would require some work, and planning. So I started a set of moves at the top of the table that culminated in a pincer 3 or 4 turns later at the other end. Blackout had to pick an X, and ended up not getting either of them as I purposely flew Thane close to him. Blackout went down to a final shot after the buzzer. Nick’s a great opponent but I’m glad it was me doing good stuff past time for once. A good start that gave me confidence.

Round 2 – Elliott

Whisper, Kagi, Gamma x 2

What better to follow up a well played game then to completely play into the next opponents hands and make what is quite possibly the silliest move I’ve ever made playing X-wing. As in, so ridiculous and dumb that I couldn’t even be mad at what I’d done. 

I talon rolled an X-wing so that it directly faced a rock with no space to get around it. Prize plum right here. Nick was watching by this point and…well we had to laugh.

I felt I played directly into Elliott’s hands here. What I thought was easy pickings (especially when the first Bomber went pop quickly) was in fact a trap I went right into. Kagi stole my locks (should have focused and waited), whilst the cluster we’d made suited him far more than it did me.

Fair play Elliott! I underestimated the list and paid the price. But you made the most of it. 1-1 at lunch. Happy with that considering the state I’ve been in.

Round 3 – Ben

Whisper + Redline + Deathrain

It’s not every day you play against the current European Champion. I’ve never seen someone be so precise about their Turn 0, which was slightly intimidating. But I had my own plan.


We started at opposite corners, and the first 37 minutes of the game could be described as ‘cagey’. We didn’t shoot. I’ve gone this long without engaging before but I knew it had to happen soon. It never became frantic or overly aggressive, in what I think is the most considered game of X-wing I’ve ever played.

At one point we even swapped sides as all we were doing was moving each other’s ships.  

Whisper was quite rightly terrified of getting blown up by torps, so I felt I did a good job of keeping her in check. I possibly should have been more aggressive, but my lack of experience against Punishers was showing. Ben did what was needed, chipping away with the odd torp and Vader (great crew). 

We went to time and Ben won on points, but I’m immensely proud of how I played. I didn’t embarrass myself.

Objectively Ben is the best player I will probably ever play against. Subjectively, we had a great game and he was a great opponent. Looking forward to next time Ben.

Round 4 – Julian

Fenn + Old Teroch + Palob

I guess it was about time I was drawn against another member of Blue Squadron.

Jules and I joked beforehand that I could be home soon as I couldn’t make the cut. I was not expecting to be ready to go home 25 minutes later, as he completely dismantled my X-wings.

It was pretty brutal. I think I managed a couple of decent maneuvers but overall it was a pasting. I should have taken down Palob first.

In Conclusion

I needed this tournament. The results don’t look great, but they don’t tell the story. Not only am I very proud that took a champ to time and didn’t embarrass myself, but it was a good day with good people that has given me a boost when I needed it. Plus I dipped my toe into a new faction and learnt a few things.

Thanks to everyone who came along. Thanks to GC for the big hugs, Phil for the ships and Fistful for the swag and running a nice tidy day.

That’s my fourth and final 2.0 tournament for 2018. As I started properly recording second edition I can hit you with some stats!

Played: 33 (20 at tournaments)
Won: 14, with winning streak of 3
Lost: 19, with a losing streak of 3
Win Ratio: 42.42%
Squads used: 7 – 5 Imp, 2 Rebel
List composition: 3 ship – 5, 4 ship – 2
Most Used Ship: TIE/D Defender – 19 games
Most Used Pilot: Rexlar Brath – 13 games

For 2019 there’s no specific plan. Hopefully I can keep attending tournaments at the current pace, and get a couple with my Brother. I’ve got new acrylics on the way, and I’m looking forward to converting my Scum ships. Then there’s the Republic. JEDI AND TORRENTS BITCHES! Not that I’m excited.

Thanks for reading, not just this post but anything you’ve read of mine this year. Every added hit feeds my need for validation, or something.

Have a great Christmas, don’t get too drunk at New Year, and Fly Casual!

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