Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review

The Mission: Impossible franchise has found itself in some odd spots, from landing either side of the James Bond/Jason Bourne reinvention of spy films, to itself swerving wildly between different tones. Not only has the […]


The Bourne Legacy Review

The Bourne Legacy is an odd film. As I recall scenes, the film seems decent enough. Renner is suitably focused and athletic as a drug enhanced operative on the run, and there are plenty of […]


Incredibles 2 Review

Toy Story always deserved sequels. Monsters Inc didn’t need one and it showed. Finding Dory could never really hit the height of Nemo, but still impressed. Cars 2 was good, whilst 3 was spluttered after […]

100 Word Review

100 Word Review -Sicario

I’ve finally seen my first Denis Villeneuve film, and I won’t be watching it again! Fear not though, for Sicario is a tense and very well put together piece that lives up to the hype […]