Star Wars Rebels – S3E19 – Double Agent Droid

Star Wars Rebels Double Agent Droid

If you’re not caught up yet, here’s my review of the previous episode – Secret Cargo.

R2-D2 and C-3P0 are the most recognisable droids in Star Wars. They’re antagonistic but ultimately deeply caring relationship is told over decades and shows no sign of stopping. Personally though, I find the golden half of the pair rather annoying. Not Jar Jar levels, but bar his story telling on Endor I find him grating. So if one half of the team is letting them down, is there space for another pair to usurp them?

Double Agent Droid takes an opportunity before the series ramps up for its finale (much like last season) to give us a droid based tale that not only gives a great look at Rebels’ odd couple but also an interesting look into the Empire. This might not be an episode that will thrill or wow like last week’s but it’s still worth your time.

I don’t know about you but I can’t help but get a little bit upset every time I hear AP-5. His voices’ resemblance to Alan Rickman hits me right in the feels. Nonetheless, his knowledge of Imperial protocol is invaluable and completely outweighs his sometimes belittling words. He may have found a new lease of life with the the Phoenix Cell but the lack of organisation severely frustrates him. You wonder if he really would like to be left alone.

This week he gets a chance to shine and grabs it, despite Chopper winding him up. They’re bickering frustrates a Wedge that seems stuck in his flight suit. Cheaper and easier to use one model perhaps? It could have been anyone in Wedge’s position and the story wouldn’t have changed.

We get a lot of time with the trio but just as importantly we see some new Imperials, listeners. With headgear reminiscent of Lobot they appear to have given up some part of their humanity, though they still do appear to do things for their own progression rather than the Empire’s greater good. There’s plenty to take away from it, replacing wow factor with a lot of head nodding and ‘hmmm, interesting’.

There is some action but that isn’t the focus. Even Dave Filoni knows that some people will consider this episode filler. But he understands there needs to be a balance.

Double Agent Droid is a small diversion before we get into the big stuff. But it further shows that Thrawn underestimates nothing, covers all his bases, and does so through an entertaining relationship that shows just how important droids are. Also…don’t piss off Hera!

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