A Bit of Pew Pew #2

Pew pew time is upon us! The X-Wing season is in full swing.

I’m out of the loop at the moment as I wait for the Veteran Defender title cards to come into force, but my brother Ben got stuck into a tournament at our local FLGS at the weekend. He’s written a account of his day, and being the awesome older brother I am I said I’d share it. Enjoy!

On Sunday 31st 23 players got together at Fistful of Dice for their second winter tournament, a very high number considering the first tournament drew in about 16. X-Wing is going strong in our area.

At that tournament I won 3 and lost 2 with a Horton/Stresshog/Luke list which bagged me 7/16 position. This time around after some testing I decided on using the following:

Dash with PtL, EU, HLC, title and Intel Agent
2 x Rookie X-Wings with R2’s and IA

After using the stresshog and TLT for 2/3 months I had gotten bored of just chipping away and wanted to dish out a lot of punishment. As I’d used Dash quite often he was the perfect choice. After trying him with Kyle crew alongside a regen Poe I came to the conclusion I can’t fly Poe for love nor money so ditched Kyle so I could use the 2 rookies. This way I’ve one more gun and at least 10 red dice each round.  As a squad I hadn’t used this much, so should make for an interesting day!


Round 1: Andrew with TLT Horton, Poe and 2 Bandits
Whilst setting up we both said how we get nervous before a tournament and how it normally takes a round to get warmed up…….we did not have a chance with this game!

I set up Dash on the left and the X-Wings on the right, this way my opponent has to make a choice. His ships were across the middle so I slow rolled to see what he was doing. The Bandits and Horton went after my rookies whilst Poe came for Dash. We traded shot and finally were left with Dash on 1 hull and Poe on 2. Dash was stressed but I knew I had to kill Poe as it was my only way of winning so couldn’t turn in to block. I instead took a 3 turn to the left to make distance for one last shot. Poe was behind a rock at this and made a gentle 1 bank which meant he landed on the rock, no actions and shot! I rolled my 4 dice and….4 hits! Poe couldn’t evade and I took the match. We had a crowd around us for that last turn and to say it was stressful is an understatement. Some might call that a lucky win but to do well in these tournaments a bit of luck is needed.


Round 2: Wayne with Vessery, Dark Curse, Black Squad Punisher and another named TIE
My next opponent hadn’t been playing for very long, he’d bought a few ships ages ago but never got round to actually playing until recently. The Punisher had homing missiles and torpedoes (I can’t remember which) with extra munitions but fortunately both were R2-3 so I knew what I had to do. I set up the same way as the first game, with the Punisher and Vessery going after the Rookies and the two named TIE’s going Dash.

Two lessons learnt here; don’t TL Dark Curse (waste of an action) and don’t K-turn your X-Wings too early! This ended up with my Rookies being in a very bad position with no shots but within R1 of the Punisher and Vessery, Luckily for me they both survived this and I went on to comfortably win this match up losing only one Rookie. So far my red dice have been crazy hot which was helping me a lot.


Round 3: Stephen with Etahn, 2 Blue Sqds and 2 Bandits
You can tell what Stephen’s plan was here just by looking at the list, he sat Etahn in the middle of his formation in the centre of the board. Again Dash was on the left and the X’s to the right. I was not looking forward to the amount of crits coming my way…

My Rookies immediately did 2 turns to the right so they could come back in for a good run at his formation, Dash slow rolled forward. Stephen made his choice and went turned towards Dash, some shots were fired at R3 but no serious damage was taken. The next round was where the fun for Stephen would begin and we both knew it.He moved his whole formation forward 2 to try and catch Dash bang to rights but I 1 banked to the left with the hope I’ll be able to boost past. I ended up bumping into one B (yay!) giving a Z an R1 shot but luckily Dash had moved up enough that he was out of arc of the rest of the formation (double yay!!). At this point my X-Wings had snuck up and were now flanking his squad, I then went about taking a ship off the board each turn, I think I lost one Rookie. I liked this but think that he should have slowed down at the start to give himself more time to get me in arc.

Side note: I hadn’t gotten this far into a tournament with all wins so I was extremely pleased with myself!


Round 4: Cadan with Miranda, Poe and Stresshog
I knew as soon as I saw Cadan’s, a current Regional Champs, list at the start of the day that I didn’t want to go up against it but on the plus side I was on the top table so happy days! I knew that the the Y-Wing had to go first and then I’d have to kill either Poe or Miranda quickly so they couldn’t regen shields. I started as normal but knew I had to get to the Y quickly so my Rookies blasted parallel down my edge of the board to meet up with Dash. I managed to destroy the Y within 2 turns of shooting but he had done his job and double stressed Dash (which I had managed to fly into the corner, silly Ben). With no way of getting out of arc Poe and Miranda quickly took him out. My Rookies; who had been heroes all day, fell quickly leaving me with a heavy loss which would cost me third place.

I’ll be finding someone to fly this list again so I can practice against it, it’s frustrating but I’m sure I can beat it with this squad.


Round 5: Steve with Super Dash and Poe
This was a fun game! Neither of us had ever played Dash v Dash and we had never played each other before so we didn’t know how aggressive/defensive the other would be, we soon found out. We both had HLC and the title, the only difference being he had Kyle crew.

My first thought was to destroy Poe as quickly as possible after the last game but Steve’s Dash presented himself first so my Rookie’s managed to strip most of his shields. His Dash then ran off for a bit whilst my squad managed to strip the shields from Poe. Then the turning point. After my first Rookie was destroyed my second Rookie managed to destroy Poe at R3 with no modifiers, definitely deserved a promotion! We both stood there in shock trying to work out how that had happened but to say I was pleased was an understatement.

It was down to the two Dash’s, just what we thought would happen! Mine had 7HP left whereas Steve’s had only his 5 hull. We danced around for a few rounds, Steve managing to keep within R1 until I took a punt and did a 3 turn away. By this point we were both one good attack from dying so there was the possibility we could destroy each other in the same round due to simultaneous fire! Due to my Dash having slightly more hull left I managed to survive his attack but with a focus and a TL my 4 hits were too much for him.


So in the end I finished with 4 wins and 1 loss which put me at 20pts. This left me in 4th place for the day which I was very happy with. The loss to Cadan hit my MOV pretty hard (could have had 3rd) but overall a cracking result and my best showing in a tournament!

Anything learnt? Yeah, firstly Intel Agent was pointless. I’ll be going for the initiative bid next time or using Nien Numb instead to give me more options after PtL. Secondly, Integrated Astromech is awesome. In each game one my Rookie’s survived a round or two more because of it which helped immensely.

There are more tournaments coming up so we’ll see what happens.

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