Introduction to Web Comics – Part 1

Over the last two years, I’ve become aware of and started to read web comics. It started with one, and then I realised that creators tended to recommend other comics that they were into. So one turned into two, which then morphed into over ten. Some have become permanent residents on my bookmarks tab, with new content impatiently waited for and devoured, whilst others have fallen to the wayside through boredom, constantly slipping schedules or a mix of the two.

I’ve found some quite amazing stuff. With no one to answer too, artists and writers have let their imaginations run wild. It has resulted in some highly entertaining, crazy, funny and sometimes quite emotional content.

So I thought I’d share them with you! Maybe it will show you something you hadn’t really thought of before, reel you back in, or just show you some you’ve never seen.

As there are a few I’m splitting it into two posts, and I’ll post part two in a few days.

I’m not going to go into crazy detail. These should serve as teasers and introductions. Let me know what you think plus any suggestions in the comments!

Without further ado here are my first few choices.

Dinosaur Comics

How can a strip work for ten years using the same images every time? When it contains a somewhat self aware Tyrannosaurus Rex stomping on a car and a cabin who talks to a Dromiceiomimus, an Utharaptor, and sometimes God it can do what it likes. It’s astounding how many weird and wonderful conversations have taken place in the same setting.

Dr. McNinja

If the image below – of a ninja knife eye attack – doesn’t have you reading through this comic right now, then what the hell is up with you? Dr. McNinja has ninja’s, pirates, dinosaurs, monsters, unicorns, moustaches and plenty of Batman references. It’s as though Christopher Hastings has peered into my mind and pulled out everything I might think is awesome. Then he has mashed it all up together. It’s just mental, but it’s amazing for it. Strap in and hold tight, because this is a crazy strip.

The Trenches

This is quite a personal one as the job being constantly being lambasted is very nearly the same as mine! When I heard the creators of PvP and Penny Arcade were getting together to create a strip about testing I couldn’t pass it up. Isaac Cox seems to always make the worst choice, leading to some uncomfortable situations with his new colleagues. The strip mockingly shows some of the antics that take place between through testing and release. Each strip is also accompanied by a ‘Tale from the Trenches’, where anonymous people send in real stories regarding their game related careers. Quite an eye opener.

See you in a few days for part two.

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