Titans S1 Review

The Titans with Hawk and Dove

You’ve seen Teen Titans. You’ve seen Teen Titans GO! Well, Titans is a very different beast, and it makes that loud and clear early on. With joints snapped and faces scraped along walls this show certainly isn’t for youngsters.

My love of Batman makes me both hyper sensitive and hyper critical of anything relating to Gotham, so listen when I tell you that Brenton Thwaite’s Robin is pitch perfect. In fact, I adored any link the show used to Gotham, the Bat Family, and the Bat himself. Ripped from the comic books, it hints at a past full of turmoil and is everything you’d expect from this world; I can’t wait to see more of it. The moment Robin threw multiple ‘R’ shaped shurikens into criminal’s hands I knew we were onto a winner. The films could learn a thing or two from this show.

It’s not just violence that stands Titans apart. The age gap between Robin/Starfire and Raven/Garfield leads to a clear family dynamic. They’ve all suffered, and all want somewhere to call home. How they grow into each other’s company, and how as a team they can face their individual challenges, is both the biggest and most pleasing aspect of the show.

I’ve not been on Netflix in a while, and I’d forgotten how much I liked the format. In an extremely pleasant change from the terrible network habit of treading water, Titans just gets the job done. We get introductions, glimpses of back story as appropriate, and even get a backdoor pilot for other characters, with no bloat.

Though I haven’t written about the other characters (just watch it!), I grew to care about all of them and I can’t wait to see more. My wife can’t wait either, as we were both surprised by how much she liked it. Season 2 can’t come quickly enough for us!

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