The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience Review

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

I’ve long admired The Lonely Island, and in particular Andy Samberg. From ‘Dick in a Box’, to Storks, through to Brooklyn 99, it’s a body of work that agrees with me extremely well. Having recently seen Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein, I looked for more Netflix specials. The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, along with Samberg’s face, caught my fancy.

Described as a ‘visual poem’, it takes a look at the Bash Brothers, big hitters in 80’s Baseball. I wondered if Samberg and co were just making stuff up, but research tells me that these Bros did indeed exist! In fact, this has also helped clear up something in the original TMNT film too, as the bat Casey Jones attacks Raph with is a Jose Canseco bat! The more you know…

The songs are as sharp as you’d expect. Childish and clever, with both pathos and dick jokes aplenty. It hits the balance that I’ve always found so fun with The Lonely Island; you laugh at the lyrics and then realise they’ve made a legitimately good song.

Also released as an album, I can see myself listening to some of it in the car. In that sense it’s a far more cohesive success than David Harbour’s Netflix special. It might be an odd choice of subject, but it has direction. Add in The Lonely Island’s irreverent humour and you’ve got a winner.

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