100 Word Review – The Signal

The Signal has ideas of grandeur. It looks impressive, but the final third drains if of all momentum, ultimately ending flatly and frustratingly incomplete.
The only intrigue I found stemmed from waiting for things to kick off, which only lead to disappointment as it petered out.

Fishburne enjoys a mysterious role, whilst Thwaites follows on from his role in Son of a Gun; meaning it’s not a bad role, but he makes no impression.
A visual similarity to the much more effective Ex Machine doesn’t help matters. It’s great to see more sci-fi, but The Signal’s ambition exceeds its skill.


  1. Not sure why you're just now reviewing it. It came out last June and even if you're not in America, it's been on DVD and VOD since September. Also came out 6 months before Son of a Gun, so don't hold that against Thwaits.

  2. It came out in UK cinemas late March, so as far as I'm concerned it's a new review. It is odd how out of step releases get, especially now with VOD services as you say.

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