Sonic the Hedgehog Review

You’re welcome. No really, you are all welcome. It wasn’t just for me; I wanted everyone to enjoy a Sonic movie that wasn’t the source of pure nightmare fuel. In April 2019 I posted the […]


Heat Review

Heat is the latest film I’ve seen as I build up my Robert De Niro resume, and it’s the best one yet. The more I watch the more I realise I’ve been missing out on […]


The Lighthouse Review

Like a moth to a damn big light, the hype emanating from The Lighthouse was bright enough to attract me to a neighbouring city to experience it. I could have just said that I’d watched […]


Jurassic Park III Review

Yep, the one with the Spinosaurus. Funnily enough, the spell check on WordPress tried to change that to Tyrannosaurus. Joking aside, my spellchecker is onto something. Jurassic Park III is entertaining, but also clumsy, pushing […]

The Irishman

The Irishman Review

I’m jumping straight in and addressing the length of this film first. The Irishman is long; at 209 minutes it’s the sort of piece you need to make a commitment to. Personally, I don’t usually […]


Ronin Review

An evocative title, with De Niro and Reno leading the way. An Audi S8 tearing through Paris, and a motley crew of characters with murky pasts and clashing motives. Ronin is a very cool film. […]