Skyfall Trailer Reaction

Trying something a bit different. Here is my reaction to the latest James Bond trailer.

Wow. There is a lot to take in here. Starting with a shot of M as she attempts to write an obituary for Bond (missing, believed dead), we are quickly informed by Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) that M was responsible for the loss of some highly sensitive information. Namely, the identity of agents in deep cover around the world. We also get to see Naomie Harris’ Eve do something that 100s of bad guys have failed to over the years… shoot James Bond!

Of course Bond isn’t dead for long, and reveals himself to M (we need to do something about Dame Judi Dench. She is just brilliant. Can she be cloned and somehow kept as M forever?), who characteristically isn’t all that surprised, as she promptly berates him. We can see that Bond has been living it up, and his shot isn’t what it once was. At this point we are introduced to a very different Q, played by Ben Wishaw. Personally I’m excited that we are getting some of the old faces back. We just need a Moneypenny now! As I’ve long thought, it seems this Q won’t be providing Bond with a Little Nellie or laser watches, instead handing him a new Walther and seemingly providing technical backup. Here’s hoping they build up a good rapport.

I would next comment on the Bond Girl presented to us, but this is completely overshadowed by Daniel Craig’s use of “Bond, James Bond”. She is an employee of the main villain and after the obligatory seduction by Bond, will no doubt either turn on him or help him. I don’t expect to see any big surprises here (though I’m prepared to eat my words and would be pleasantly surprised if there were more to her).

Ah yes the villain. Now from the teaser trailer, I felt a ‘Ledger Joker’ vibe. That isn’t entirely changed by this trailer, though we now get a very good look at Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem. Bond is asked how much he knows about fear, and whilst he feels confident, I wouldn’t be after seeing Silva. He is clearly very confident and not at all scared by M, Bond and MI6, pretty much mocking them all. He mentions that “This is what she made us”, and I’m assuming that he means M. Was he a former Double O? I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far and think he will make for a very interesting adversary.

Following on from this is a montage of the explosions and chases we’ve come to expect; the best shot being of Bond leaping into the back of an open train cart, only to stop to adjust his cuffs! Brilliant and very much playing into the smart killer that we knew Craig’s Bond would eventually become.

I could spend a long time going through each shot, but I’ll let you take it in and enjoy it for yourself. Suffice to say it appears that all the bases are covered, with exotic locations, attractive women and gun fights aplenty all accompanied by the Bond theme.

Casino Royale was a brilliant film, but after Quantum of Solace didn’t hit quite the same heights I was concerned that the series was going to slip back into being mediocre. Fortunately it seems Sam Mendes has a firm grip of the material, and Craig and Bardem seem in fine form. Bardem’s Silva so far addresses my main criticism of QoS, which was the lack of an interesting villain. The introduction of Bond staples is also very cool to see, which leaves me thinking that this trailer has more than accomplished its goal and should convince everyone that Bond is back on form.

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