Rise of the Guardians Review

Whilst reading up on how the film came together, I discovered that Rise of the Guardians actually made a loss for Dreamworks, which rather surprised me. It doesn’t compete with the best that Disney and Pixar can offer, but as an entertaining hour and a half it can’t really be faulted.

Following Jack Frost as he attempts to figure out his purpose in life, we are introduced to a cast of characters based on popular myths and legends. Jack joins the group in time to face the Boogeyman Pitch Black, played by a moustache curling Jude Law. Can they make the children of the world believe in them again?

Pleasingly, some real thought and imagination was put into each character, building upon the knowledge of the audience. Details such as Santa’s naughty and nice forearm tattoos and Sandman not talking (presumably to not wake the kids up!)add texture and interest.
The all-star cast acquit themselves well, with Baldwin and Jackman standing out. For a character that appears to be a fairly young boy (and hasn’t changed in appearance for years) Chris Pine sounds too old, but it doesn’t particularly detract.

Secondary characters clearly take a leaf out of Despicable Me’s book but are amusing; whilst their screen time is well judged and effective. In fact the whole story is judged well, with each character getting their time in the spotlight and the story not outstaying its welcome.

Some children may find the villain and his cronies a bit too much, but for children and adults who still believe Rise of the Guardians is a solid animated feature.

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