RHCP ‘The Getaway’ Review


I’ve flirted with the idea of reviewing albums before but I’ve always wondered what exactly I’d say.

‘I like the guitar on this one, it’s scratchy’.

‘This bass line is very funky’.

Not exactly huge insights into the songs or themes of the album.

However, this is RHCP. They’re about as deep as a puddle so perhaps my less than stellar music reviewing skills could be useful. So I’ll just talk about for a bit.

Here’s a graph covering my journey through the album. As 5/6 is the true midpoint I will treat it as such. So a 6 isn’t bad, it’s just not amazing (I do hate how people ignore anything below 8).


As you can see most of the album actually does OK until it falls off a cliff with the final couple of indulgent tracks.

Anyway…the most important thing you need to know about this album is that it takes Anthony Kiedis roughly a minute and a half to mention ‘California‘, which surely threatens Around the World for how quickly the front man gets his home state into an album.

All the ingredients are there – sex, penis analogies, drugs, friends, Flea – and none of it makes any sense.

That’s cool though. You can either roll with it and enjoy the fact that Klinghoffer has found his place in the group after the lacklustre ‘I’m With You’, or moan about something that they’ve been doing since before I was born.

There’s a lot of nice mid-tempo stuff here. The only song that gets my pulse racing is ‘This Ticonderoga’, but the heaviness isn’t capitalised upon.

RHCP are past their best. They’re still capable of knocking out the odd good track but they’ve become more and more ‘middle of the road’ as the years have gone on. Still, The Getaway is much better than their last album.

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