Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 3: Judgement Review

You can read the review for Episode 1 here, and the review for Episode 2 is here.

The first part of Capcom’s episodic adventure provided a solid start that intrigued story wise, whilst the second struck a great balance between ammo (not a lot) and enemies (a lot). The structure is working too, as drip feeding each part has left me eagerly awaiting more.

Maybe I got a bit ahead of myself though.

We’ll start with the positives, which means Claire and Moira’s chapter. We’ve had scarce supplies, action, and corny one-liners, so which part of Resident Evil would get showcased next?

You guessed it…puzzles!

They’re not all the usual ‘get key A from the statue and get to the matching room’ either, with one inspired by none other than my favourite game of all time….Metal Gear Solid. Truth be told I didn’t find them too challenging but it was enjoyable to be doing something different and made for a nice change of pace. Add in more of the higher standard dialogue we’ve been experiencing plus a decent final boss and you’ve got another well thought out chapter that keeps the story and playability at a good level. I may not have finished with clammy hands and a sense of achievement this time, but I did have to use my noggin a little bit and that’s cool.

Sadly the head of steam built up so far is stopped dead when we get to Barry and Natalia’s chapter. Despite a few nice lines from both a laborious sluice section slows things down to a snail’s pace. It’s a style of ‘you shoot I’ll clear the path’ that had already been performed with much more urgency and panache by the other pair.

The boss of this chapter was dull, bullets providing the only solution with no strategy involved. It was nothing more than a bullet sponge. One of the strongest facets of Barry/Natalia has been the stealth sections, which are pretty much ditched this time. What’s odd is that right at the start I thought we were going to get one of the worst things you can do with a pairing in video games – incapacitate one, thereby limiting the other as they have to carry or lead. I feared another MGS influence was going to come in, that of the pathetic E.E. from MGS2. This is instead used for exposition and doesn’t outstay its welcome, avoiding that particular pitfall.

Overall this chapter just seems pointless. We’re sent on a perfunctory journey that was far from pulse raising. It was a chore and despite an ending that piqued my interest this wasn’t how I expected to be moving into the final part.

I’m choosing to be glass half full on this though. That’s only one duff chapter out of six, and if the game were delivered as a whole I’d have just chalked it up as an annoying section.

Oh well, I’m looking forward to how ridiculous the ending will be. A couple of crazy mutated bosses perhaps? I can’t wait for the end of Res helicopter! Surely that’s how it’ll end?

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