Comic Review – Power Rangers #0

“I’ll be Blue Ranger!”

Granted I was more interested in the colour and dinosaur than I ever was in Billy the character. It was nice to never be challenged for the role though, as most kids wanted to be Tommy, Jason or Kimberly. I had all the toys, watched the show every week (and on VHS); I even bought the soundtrack. Go Green Ranger Go Go!

Fast forward to and not much has changed! I managed to meet David Yost (Original Blue Ranger, awesome guy), and I’ve picked up a few collectibles. There’s a nice healthy dose of nostalgia involved, but I’m well aware of the pros and cons of the show.

From this brief history lesson you might guess that I’m excited about the prospect of a Mighty Morphin’ comic series. You sir/madam are correct! But is it worth your hard earned?

YES!  Emphatically so.

Not only does the comic stick do everything it should with regards to bad guys and everyday colour coordination, but it uses the medium to go beyond what the TV series could do and show things in exciting ways.

The single best thing about presenting the rangers and their world in a comic is that it now all has a coherent look. The rangers don’t change weight and size as they move from Japanese to American footage. Tommy’s shield doesn’t go from awesome to flimsy. Angel Grove isn’t made of cardboard (it has a bridge and everything!). I get the feeling we won’t see fights consistently taking place in rock quarries either. It also gives the Zords and monsters the chance to be way cooler than they were, and damn were they cool.

All of this is backed up by the team themselves seeming much more professional in their approach. Even with Tommy aboard Jason is the de facto leader, and he’s expected to act like one by Zordon. Tommy has just joined the team following the events of the most epic piece of children’s TV ever – Green With Evil – and hes struggling to fit into what has clearly become a cliquey little group. It makes complete sense.

The artwork is spot on. The suits looks good, and the characters look enough like their TV counterparts without trying to be them. Look up…they even do the poses! I knew we’d be OK writing wise as soon as I heard Kyle Higgins was on the job; his work on Nightwing impressing me a few years back. We’re only one so don’t expect deep characterisation but what is here is good.

My only problem is the lack of pages. We get two back up stories, and I’m not sure we need them. They’re not bad, and I appreciate Bulk and Skull as much as anyone. But could we just have more main story?

If you like Power Rangers, you’ll like this comic. The people involved are already proving they get it. Give it the support it deserves.





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