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Last night Sony finally revealed the PS5 in all its glory. They also revealed a couple of dozen games. There’s some great stuff, from new IPs to some classics, but what we really wanted to know was what the console looked like and how much it will cost.

We didn’t get the cost, keeping the Sony/Microsoft blinking contest alive, but we did get the console reveal. The #PS5 hashtag on Twitter quickly gave me some great material, with the following meme being a favourite of mine.

Now that it’s being compared to everything from a fan to a PS2 in a ring binder I got to thinking – How do the PS consoles rank design wise? There isn’t anything scientific going on, just pure opinion. The dates are the European release date for each console.

#5 PlayStation 3

March 23, 2007

I can only assume Sony mistook the overhangs on the PS2 as a successful design feature, since they doubled down here.
The Spider-Man font was annoying, and would later be changed on the game cases.
A brute, reflecting it’s price point.
An absolute fingerprint magnet too. And heavy!

#4 PlayStation 2

November 24, 2000

It was an anticlimax when we first saw the PS2. The colours were cool, but what was the overhang about?
On the flip side, I’ve always appreciated the PS logo being able to match the vertical or horizontal positioning.
Looking back I like the buttons, and the change to black signified something more grown up, but it’s no looker.

#3 PlayStation 5

???, 2020

After three gens of all black, the PS5 is quite a departure. I don’t mind the curves, but don’t let the pic fool you, this console looks better standing up.
Need to see one in the flesh to be sure but it seems similar in size to the 3 or 4, so space shouldn’t be a problem.
The digital only version looks smarter with less clutter on the front. Shame I can’t be without my discs!

#2 PlayStation 4

November 29, 2013

There are only two things I don’t like about the PS4 design.
1. The shiny piece on the left is smudge city
2. It has never become clear to me which button is the off switch
Otherwise I think it’s an understated and cool design that fits seamlessly under the TV next to everything else

#1 PlayStation 1

September 29, 1995

The original and best. Sony executives at the time may have seen it as a toy, but I like that aspect of it. The PS1 always felt a sturdy bit of kit, which was proven by the amount of times it got tripped over and pulled off it’s shelf but kept working.
The grey works well with the shape and colours, and it’s got a chunky quality. Tiny bit of asymmetry with the power light and reset button sets it off nicely. Classic.

Is the sandwich maker lookalike that is the PS3 worthy of last place? Is a small grey box worthy of first? We don’t need comparisons to other consoles, I don’t think I have any 8 year olds reading this so we don’t need to get into ‘cOnSOle wArS’.

How would you rank them?

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