PlayStation 5 Top Six

With the arrival of the PS5, I was full of good intentions. I’d review every game! Well I got four games in and stopped that since I’m not going to force words onto the page. So rather than stress out, I’ve created this ‘living’ post that will keep track of what I consider the best six PS5 games I’ve played.

Six is a completely arbitrary number; I think it will lead to some interesting decisions in the future.

To start off I need to get to six. But over time, as I play more, we’ll see if new games can crack the six and knock an incumbent out. I’m not ranking the list – these are six games that I’d suggest first if you asked me “Chris, PS5 games aren’t cheap, so what should I spend my sweet cashola on?”

I’ll keep track of changes below. If I play games but they don’t make it I’ll mention them there. By the time the PS6 comes round, I’ll be roughly 42. More importantly I’ll have kept track of which PS5 games were ‘up there’. So let’s get stuck in.

Showcase 1


It pulls from Pokemon a fair bit, but Bugsnax is unique in it’s mix of hunter/journalist mechanics. My wife had the best explanation – “you complained about it but didn’t stop playing it”. Not perfect, but entertaining.

Showcase 2

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Manages to be even better than it’s predecessor. Miles is a fantastic character in a gorgeous game. I don’t spend seven hours post story thwipping around NYC for no reason!

Showcase 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

It’s COD! You know what you’re getting. An alright if short campaign, and some solid multiplayer action. Zombies is good fun too. The gun mechanics feel great with the DualSense. Manage your expectations and it’s all good.

Showcase 1

Astro’s Playroom

A revelation, and far more than a pack-in. Does all it needs to show off the PS5, but is also a strong platformer with charm to spare. It’s pitch perfect, especially if you’ve owned previous PlayStations.

Showcase 2

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

I loved the world of LittleBigPlanet, but I was never a creator. This is the Sackboy game I didn’t know I needed. The jumping can be a little floaty at times but with Sackboy’s determination, some great British talent, and some cracking music, this is a must.

Showcase 3


I haven’t played that many games yet!

29/12/2020 – Added Sackboy: A Big Adventure into the fifth spot.

14/12/2020 – This is the start! Four games entered. Space for more yet.

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