PlayStation 5 Top Six

When I got my PS5, I intended to review each game I played. That lasted three games. Rather than force words onto the page, I’ve created this ‘living’ post that will keep track of what I consider the best six PS5 games I’ve played.

Six is a completely arbitrary number; I think it will lead to some interesting decisions.

As I play more, we’ll see if new games can crack the six and knock an incumbent out. I’m not ranking the list; these are six games that I’d suggest first if you asked me “Chris, PS5 games aren’t cheap, so what should I spend my sweet cashola on?”

Each change will be tracked below. If I play games but they don’t make it I’ll mention them there. Only games that I’ve completed or put a good amount of time into will be mentioned.

By the time the PS6 comes round, I’ll be roughly 42. More importantly I’ll have kept track of which PS5 games were ‘up there’. So let’s get stuck in.

Showcase 1


It pulls from Pokemon a fair bit, but Bugsnax is unique in it’s mix of hunter/journalist mechanics. My wife had the best explanation – “you complained about it but didn’t stop playing it”. Not perfect, but entertaining. Nice and inclusive too; I didn’t expect it to be digging into the social and relationship aspects of the characters as much as it did.

Showcase 2

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The first game was great. This is better, by way of a more focused story and seemingly less grindy collectibles. Miles is a fantastic character to get involved with, and the game itself is absolutely stunning. I don’t spend seven hours post story thwipping around NYC for no reason!

Showcase 3

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 7 was a major return to form for the franchise, and 8 picks up where it left off. It may not be as outright scary, but it has it’s far share of creepy moments, alongside more action. Plenty of lore added in, alongside some memorable characters. I was unsure of the aesthetic heading in, but this is now one of my favourites RE entries. Great use of the DualSense too.

Showcase 1

Astro’s Playroom

Astro is designed to pull double duty as both a pack in game (that usually no-one plays), and to be a showcase for the DualSense. It does that everything it needs to do on the showcase front, but wraps it all up in a strong platformer with charm to spare. It’s pitch perfect, especially if you’ve owned previous PlayStations. A revelation, and far more than a pack-in.

Showcase 2

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

I loved the world of LittleBigPlanet, but I was never a creator. This is the Sackboy game I didn’t know I needed. The jumping can be a little floaty at times but with Sackboy’s determination, some great British talent, and some cracking music, this is a must. Great fun to bop along to.

Showcase 3


I haven’t played a driving game in a while. Perhaps that’s why Wreckfest has grabbed me so fully.
It’s not a complicated game. Win races to earn points and level up, which gains access to more races, more cars, and more upgrade parts. Pleasingly straightforward and easy to pick up. Looks good and feels good. The engine noises leave a little to be desired, but you forget that when you T-bone an opponent.

06/09/2021Updated R6 Siege didn’t make the cut. Soulstorm failed to ignite so far.

11/06/2021 – Fatality! MK11 didn’t last long. Wreckfest squeals in sideways to throw it up and out of the six.

13/05/2021 – Resident Evil Village steps in with Chris Redfield sized shoulders to easily displace Black Ops Cold War.

06/05/2021 – MK11 Ultimate steps into the final spot. Some big games coming soon, so we’ll see what happens!

29/12/2020 – Sackboy: A Big Adventure merrily skips into the fifth spot.

14/12/2020 – This is the start! Four games entered. Space for more yet.

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