Top Gear Review

Brace yourselves. When it comes to new Top Gear I’ve managed something that some may find offensive. I’ve avoided writing a knee-jerk reaction! Perhaps my router should be cut off for this foul use of the internet. Reasonable thinking? Pah!

I purposely waited until I watched two episodes before I started to write anything.

Whoever took over from Clarkson was going to struggle at first. A new team would either try to fit their own personality into the established format (awkward) or change the format itself to suit them and alienate everyone who liked the show for what it was. Chris Evans has managed a bit of both. He could never win, so maybe we should give him a chance.

He is a mixed bag – at times a touch too sycophantic and a lot of the time too loud. I don’t dislike him though so hopefully he’ll settle into it.

Joey LeBlanc however I like straightaway. He comes across well in the challenges which more than balances out his slightly ropey presentation and voice over skills.

Format wise not much has changed. Challenge, banter, studio, celebrity, challenge. I’ve never liked the celebrity section but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. At least it’s not all about sucking up to one person now. I’d like to see more road tests, though I guess I could just watch Fifth Gear for that.

Honestly I’m not sure what people were expecting. They couldn’t deviate too far from what made the show a worldwide hit. The same parts are there for better or worse and they’ll stay there until the new team beds in. Come back in a year and things may have changed to better suit the new guys. In the meantime it doesn’t deserve the pillorying it’s receiving at all.

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