Knives Out Review

Knives Out

First things first, there is one thing I have to mention. Daniel Craig’s accent isn’t annoying or distracting! Guys, we’re immediately onto a winner.

And it doesn’t end there; the good stuff keeps on coming.

Writing? Top draw.
Direction? Yep that’s good too.
The cast? Stellar.
The sweaters? Woof woof.

Rian Johnson has taken a very different direction off the back of The Last Jedi, and I can’t see there being any of the vitriol that followed him around after that. Knives Out’s central mystery isn’t necessarily on a different level to what you’d find in a good TV story, but it’s clever enough to keep you guessing, with a suitably pleasing central theme.

This is one of those films where it would unacceptable for me to give away any details So I’ll focus on something in particular. The cable knit sweaters worn by Chris Evans. I’ve already seen plenty of people on Twitter looking for the same ones, whilst the official Knives Out Twitter account spent at least a day being a ‘Chris Evans sweater’ account. It’s great to see him away from the shield and showing more facets to his acting. I still think back to him being in Not Another Teen Movie, and though I don’t know him, I’m pleased he’s done well.

I have also purchased a new sweater this weekend.

Knives Out is the best ‘whodunit’ I’ve seen in recent times. And I’ve seen some good episodes of Poirot. It’s sharp, smart enough, and makes good use of a great cast. It could also give Craig an interesting ‘post Bond’ role to get into if he fancies it. I wouldn’t mind watching Benoit Blanc (what a name) solving another mystery if it’s of this caliber.

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