Comic Review – Gateway #1

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

“In a surreal setting where a red sky burns bright and the blanket of night brings a terror known only as the Dark Souls, ex-cop Jake Ryan struggles to make sense of his surroundings. Gate-Way is a story that weaves a rich tapestry of loyalty, lust, intrigue and betrayal as beggars, thieves, priests, and murderers all vie for power in a world that rewards the bold and enslaves the weak.”

Having read through this twice, the overriding question I’m left with is….

What is the point?

I’ve seen everything here at least a gajillion times before. The rough cop who trusts his gut. Drug busts gone wrong. A human stronghold holding off evil forces whilst working towards ulterior motives. Been there, done that.

A cobbled together story could be balanced out with some cracking art. But we’re out of luck on that count. A murky palette, with little variance in facial expressions, does not combine well with a complete lack of imagination when it comes to panel placement. Either there was no imagination, or no balls. It’s really dull! Square follows square follows square.

So many panels just move back and forth in a conversation and there isn’t much in the way of action. Conversations with interchangeable faces do not make for a great page turner. There is a lot of truth in ‘show, don’t tell’. Better composition and body language could have replaced a lot of this.

On the other hand the team did have the balls to shoot a dog and show it. But I rather like dogs so that wasn’t a high point for me.

It’s just all a bit boring really. They shouldn’t have bothered opening this gateway.

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