Four Years of Super Duper Stuff

Who’d have thought this would still be going four years later?

Most people, including myself, probably thought it would be a fleeting project. That it would pass through my system and join all the other blogs on the net that started meaningfully and then died.

But no! Not only has SDS continued, it has in fact made a massive leap over the past year.

In December I finally plucked up the courage to move over to WordPress. Blogger was a great start but I’d outgrown it. The site now looks like I’d always wanted it to; smart and clean.

Apart from trying to add more content I’m currently updating all the old posts so they at least look reasonable on the new site. Only another 200 or so to go!

Thank you everyone. It’s always cool to see people checking out my posts and what I’ve got to say.

Writing for the site has become a very normal part of my life and I’m proud of it. So you’re stuck with me!


P.S. Ben, Matt and Step. Thanks 🙂

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