2016 Retrospective

2016 Retrospective

Time to take a look back at the year. I thought I’d share some thoughts and articles on a few things that have happened over 2016.

Viewing Habits

At the grand age of 31 I went to the cinema on my own for the first time. The film itself isn’t important (it was Jack Reacher: Never Go Back if you’re interested). What was important was that I’d finally tried it and gotten over my idea that it was weird.


Top Ten 2016?

Many will take this opportunity to make lists.

Top Ten 2016 Films!

Worst Films of 2016!

Best use of a moustache 2016!*

All sorts. I thought I’d get in on this too. So I loaded up Letterboxd and checked out my list of 2016 releases. Despite being really pleased that I’ve managed to beat last years number I was left with a nagging feeling.

Perhaps 2016 wasn’t that great a year?

Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of films I enjoyed. Ask me about them and I’ll say they’re worth a rent. Entertainment wise I can’t fault them. But will many really stay in my mind? No.

Looking back there’s a realisation that most most films are just OK. Some force their way above or below the rest but most are fine. Not offensive nor terrible nor fantastic. They can provide an good time for the period you’re sat in front of them but they’ll rarely linger in the memory.

That’s not a bad thing. So many films are made that it’s bound to happen. Then there are the chances of you finding the films that connect with you among all that are released. Perhaps I’m getting harsher as I get older and review more films. None of it is a bad thing though. It just seems a bit odd to force a top ten when if I look back there aren’t that many that truly hit home.

Thinking about it a bit more, 2016 wasn’t a bad year. It’s actually very normal when I look back at my lists for the last four years. Films haven’t changed.

I have.

*Clearly General Merrick in Rogue One. Google him. Revel in it’s gloriousness.

So Called Classics

I get very tired of people telling others that their opinion doesn’t count if they haven’t seen this or that. Everyone has different backgrounds and their film history is built differently. It doesn’t make their opinion less valid.

Well this year I managed to watch two such films. Not out of any need to be validated. The stars just happened to align and they were watched.

You’ll find reviews for The Godfather and Good Will Hunting, where I touch upon the subject a bit more, on those links.

SDS Entered It’s Fifth Year

Pretty damn proud of it too.

Four Years of Super Duper Stuff

I didn’t just write a little piece about the milestone. I also went on to look into the history of the site; how it has evolved and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

500th Post – A Brief History of SDS

2016 has been full of high and lows. I really really really appreciate the support you’ve all shown the site. 2017 has some big changes in store so fingers crossed for another interesting year!

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