DCEU Films Ranked

The DC Extended Universe. What a mess eh?

Nevertheless, it is now at ten films, going back all the way to 2013’s Man of Steel. With that many films, I couldn’t help it…I had to rank them! Heading into this the only I hadn’t seen was Aquaman. With that quickly remedied post ZSJL, here we are! Let’s do this.


Justice League

‘Josstice League’ is a big old load of shite. I hate it. Mainly for how it treats Batman, but it there are so many more reasons.
Fleeting moments of decency are washed away with appalling CGI, immature humour and a complete disregard for story or character.
Danny Elfman’s score is phoned-in, whilst the story is generic as hell and barely hangs together.
Snyder made some excellent casting decisions; they’re completely wasted.
It’s an embarrassment.


Suicide Squad

The only strength this film has is it’s characters. The story is terrible, so it relies purely on their camaraderie and chemistry. Perhaps not surprising given the directors later comments, but the structure is all over the place. The trailer looked great, but there’s no substance. This is especially true when it comes to the villains. Rather than tie into the main DCEU story of Mother Boxes, it tiptoes around and generally makes a hash of it. This leaves the bad guys with not much to do bar ‘be evil’. Beyond that there’s no reason to be interested.


Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn

The title is a bit much isn’t it. I get what it’s going for, but it doesn’t leave an impression.
The action is terribly choreographed; if you want to enjoy it, don’t watch anything digging into it.
And what is up with taking the names of characters and having them be nothing like the comic? Looking at you Cassandra Cain.
I think Robbie’s Harley is great, but she’s been in two horribly average films so far. Perhaps James Gunn will be third time lucky and she’ll get the film she deserves?


Wonder Woman 1984

Individually I like all the characters and what they were going for. But it doesn’t coalesce into a strong whole. It also doesn’t seem to line up with the WW we see in Batman v Superman. Say what you want about that film but I’d have appreciated things making sense.
Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot make a good team, with ’84 playing up lot of the same themes as its predecessor. It’s given us a good meme; I just wish someone had been harsher in the edit.


Wonder Woman

A story about empathy, love, and sacrifice, let down by a very average CGI fest finale.
The DCEU needed this film though. It needed Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins has crafted an origin story full of morality, sincerity, and empathy.
Nowadays those traits may not be celebrated as much as they should be but the success of this film shows that perhaps they could make a comeback.



I had no interest in watching Aquaman, until I saw Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
I soon discovered that they had very little in common, but Aquaman’s maiden solo outing is not the ‘Green Lantern in space’ mess I thought it could be.
Yep, there’s CGI everywhere, but there has to be! How else you would you have an Octopus on drums?
Momoa is simultaneously badass and warm. And his Dad is Boba Fett! I’ll always love a bit of Morrison.
It’s very pretty, and kicks up a notch just as you think it’s done. A bit long, but entertaining enough.



Tough call between this and Aquaman, but this has a bit more heart and humour.
A lot rests on the Batson/Shazam combo, and they both do well.
It’s got the feel of an 80’s adventure movie. So there’s plenty of wonder, mixed in with the odd scene that makes you wonder if they’ve gone too far.
It’s a very harmless superhero film overall, with nice performances.


Man of Steel

Back in 2013 I said that the ending of MoS could have ramifications for the DCEU, and it did!
Man of Steel stumbles at times, but I believe it’s a Superman for our times.
I know that it’s follow up added a lot to the finale, which I’ll admit on it’s own brings questionable amounts of destruction. The other problem is Pa Kent. I don’t agree with him!
But Cavill is great, and I think it’s a decent start for his incarnation.


BvS: DoJ (Ultimate Edition)

BvS is almost a trilogy on it’s own. Sure it’s dark and sullen, but the characters and their world are going through upheaval and aren’t sure how to deal with it. The film is part of the story of how everyone moves forward, and in particular Batman’s journey back from the brink. If you know Snyder, and you’ve seen Watchmen, is there much here that should surprise you?
Plus…warehouse fight!


Zack Snyder’s Justice League

What we should have had. Yes it’s indulgent. But it’s Snyder’s true vision for these characters and the culmination of the arc started in Man of Steel.
The method by which Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrived raises many questions. But this is a review of the film, and this film erases the bad taste left by the theatrical version. In fact, this is a thorough and complete replacement. If I refer to Justice League from now on, I’m referring to this, since as far as I’m concerned, this is DCEU canon. If by this point you’re not picking up what Snyder is putting down, you’ll be out of luck here. It’s rightly all that he brings to cinema, passionately so, and might be his best. One man’s vision is absolutely preferable to a committee’s compromise.

There we go. The DCEU is contentious at the best of times, so I fully expect a lot of disagreement!

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