All-Star Batman #7 Review

All Star Batman #7

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Scott Snyder and Batman continue their journey around the world in the second part of the second All Star Batman arc, and it couldn’t be more different from last month.

Mr Freeze was the main antagonist of a very different kind of story, one mainly on prose. It was an interesting read. This month we’ve got Pamela Isley, AKA Poison Ivy, in a much more traditional style. I can’t say I’m that impressed.

That feels like a big thing to say, especially after my proclaimed adoration for Snyder’s work in last month’s review. But the more I think about it the more #7 does nothing for me. It plods along with a lot of chatter about things that just sound as though they’re clever; very try hard. Usually Snyder’s style doesn’t rub me the wrong way but this time the whole thing doesn’t come together at all. That feeling extends into the art which I found to be quite dull and stiff. Perhaps the worst thing I can say about the art is that it didn’t really bring out any feelings.

I figured we’d begin to see how the arc will tie together and there are hints of it, but overall this issue falters. It’s not overly interesting bar getting a ‘Rebirth’ look at Ivy, and doesn’t do much that can be considered new. It would be unfair to expect every issue in this series to be a masterpiece so I don’t. But Snyder and co have set a very high bar and this month they can’t match it.

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