XXX vs the First Order

A Bit of Pew Pew #15

What a miserable git My last X-wing piece centered on two things – putting things into perspective with facts, and the start of 2.0 with a fantastic tournament at Entoyment in Poole. Two and a […]


A Bit of Pew Pew #14

With 2.0 now upon us, I’ve taken the opportunity to start a record of my wins and losses. This prompted me to have a look back at the both the rest of 2018 and further […]


A Bit of Pew Pew #7

Last week’s pew pew was rather bitty. I wasn’t sure about a lot of it and that showed in how I flew. This week…I still flew ships I didn’t know! Torkhil Mux (31) – HWK-290, TLT, […]