The Lighthouse Review

Like a moth to a damn big light, the hype emanating from The Lighthouse was bright enough to attract me to a neighbouring city to experience it. I could have just said that I’d watched […]


Jurassic Park III Review

Yep, the one with the Spinosaurus. Funnily enough, the spell check on WordPress tried to change that to Tyrannosaurus. Joking aside, my spellchecker is onto something. Jurassic Park III is entertaining, but also clumsy, pushing […]

The Irishman

The Irishman Review

I’m jumping straight in and addressing the length of this film first. The Irishman is long; at 209 minutes it’s the sort of piece you need to make a commitment to. Personally, I don’t usually […]


Ronin Review

An evocative title, with De Niro and Reno leading the way. An Audi S8 tearing through Paris, and a motley crew of characters with murky pasts and clashing motives. Ronin is a very cool film. […]


Commando Review

What a gloriously shit film. Commando is some top eighties action, with an in his prime Arnie busting out questionable one-liners. It also contains a villain with a chain mail concealed paunch, cardboard models, and […]

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Review

It’s the 1970’s, and having returned from Vietnam, Travis Buckle finds himself at a loss. New York provides a broken and hellish backdrop to his lack of meaning. Struggling to sleep, he takes up a […]


Klaus Review

When it comes round to December, there are small number of films that the Cooper family watches. The Muppet Christmas Carol. A Nightmare Before Christmas. Die Hard (commence heated discussions with my wife on it’s […]

Knives Out

Knives Out Review

First things first, there is one thing I have to mention. Daniel Craig’s accent isn’t annoying or distracting! Guys, we’re immediately onto a winner. And it doesn’t end there; the good stuff keeps on coming. […]