Bravest Warriors Season 1 Review

My wife and I were recently introduced to a web series called Bravest Warriors.

It’s made by the people who make Adventure Time (something I’ve never seen), so I must admit I did wonder if we were about to humour our friends and nod nicely when they asked what we thought of it.

We needn’t have worried. It was funny from the off but as soon as we met Catbug we were in 100%. This little guy is the most adorable little character I’ve seen in a long time (he’s the little dude in the image up top) Now we’ve watched the entire first season!

It essentially throws you in at the deep-end and then builds up the characters over the roughly 70 minute long season. So if you can get past the first episode and it’s rather obscure humour then it’s only going to get better. The best piece of advice I can give you is to just roll with it.

We’ll definitely be watching season two soon!

And remember, it’s always been Wankershim.

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