Batman: White Knight #2 Review

My review of Batman: White Knight #1.

Last month I mentioned how this story has ties to the real world. With Issue 2 even more ties are created, as The Jok…sorry, Jack Napier, appeals to the neglected 99% in a story that further pushes the point that Gotham isn’t a cesspit because of Supervillains, but rather because the fear of them can keep the down downtrodden and the 1% out ahead.

Between his broad, brooding Batman, his clear appreciation for Harley Quinn, and a well placed car reference here and there, Sean Gordon Murphy is driving his Batmobile so far up my street that it’s coming back down the other side.

I love what Snyder and others have been doing with Batman over the last few years, but this is such a nice contrast. I still don’t trust Napier at all, but I keep asking myself, “what if he’s right, and what if he succeeds?”. It’s tantalizing! Bruce may have other things on his plate at the moment, but I don’t see how he can fight his way out of this one. The facts are all there, even if they’re twisted slightly to fit a certain view. What’s important is how many are buying into that view. Once a critical mass of people no longer believe that Batman is doing good, his mission is in serious trouble.

There’s not much else to say. The art is fantastic and the story is only getting more interesting. You really should be reading this if you’re not. 

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