Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 Review

My initial description of this was ‘point and click with quick time events’.

Usually you would not find me within 100 miles of such a game. But this one has Batman in it.

Not having played a Telltale game before I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a game that whilst promising and fresh for a Telltale newb, the story they’ve chosen to tell and the well-used formula could be hard to swallow for long term fans of the either the comics or Telltale.

The game itself took some getting used to. It’s about as far away from the awesome ‘Arkham’ games as you can get in terms of play style. Much more steady and thoughtful, which does play nicely into the detective side of things. What’s also pretty cool is planning attacks and then watching the B-Man act them out. The QTEs aren’t too punishing, unlike the amount of time you have to choose a conversation option.

This will be my distinctive story and I’ll have to deal with the consequences of decisions that I make

At first I felt rushed into decisions. But I soon realised that’s OK. This will be my distinctive story and I’ll have to deal with the consequences of decisions that I make. Sometimes those decisions, in the heat of the moment, won’t be the best ones. It adds a nice wrinkle. Hopefully these decisions really build up over time.

So the gameplay is overall a more steady affair but I’m on-board with it. The issues I have come from the fact that Telltale have chosen a particularly well-travelled part of the Bruce Wayne/Batman story…his early days. Falcone throwing his weight around, a handsome Harvey Dent and a Bruce who is seemingly constantly admonished by a worrying Alfred. It’s all there and we’ve seen it before. There are a couple of noticeable changes but I’ll need plenty more to keep familiarity and boredom at bay.

I quite like the art style, though Dent and Gordon in particular appear to doing well to keep their roid rage at bay. They’re both huge! Overall the thick black lines do the trick for me but the movements aren’t always that natural, especially walking.

I’ve given the impression of mixed feelings I know, but I will be purchasing Episode 2. If Telltale can up the pace a bit and keep things interesting for seasoned readers/players they’ll be onto a winner.

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