Batman Ninja Review

Batman Ninja

Batman Ninja is a pretty snazzy title isn’t it? Conjures up all sorts of images that get the juices flowing.

The conclusion I arrived at watching Batman Ninja is that someone had an idea for a title and then made a film to fit it. It’s gorgeous, and cool, and nonsensical, and basically rudderless. But you can’t help but appreciate its craziness.

Quickly moving things into Feudal Japan, Batman is forced to reconsider his approach to everything, though it does a damn good job of showing what he had. Can Batman be stripped down to the bare bones and still come out on top? I’ll let you have a wild stab at that.

That a large chunk of his Rogue Gallery, and most of the Bat Family also go with him is fortunate. Usually I’d flag this sort of coincidence up as problematic, but it’s a small part of a story where things of a ‘wtf’ nature happen so regularly that you just shrug your shoulders and roll with it.

Approach this film with as little knowledge as possible and you’ll more than likely be confused but amused. Regardless of the story, it’s a beauty to look at least. I’ve spoken to people who completely adore this film, and I get why. For me it’s no more than a pretty distraction. Perhaps it will work different for you.

Note – I’ve thought about this film more since I watched it. My review stands with regards to how I feel about the film itself. But from a wider point of view, I’m glad it exists. Bonkers isn’t bad at all, and I welcome it. It’s certainly better than a lot of the ‘adaptations’ that the Warner have tried to foist upon us.

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