Ash vs. Evil Dead – Episode 1 Review

Let’s get it out of the way now.

The first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead is…Groovy.

Everything you could want from the series is here in the first 45 minutes. Very much in the same vein as the second film there’s gore, possessions and some truly tense moments that were far scarier and freaky than I thought they would be.

For a première episode it covers a lot of ground, quickly explaining Ash’s situation (which equates to going over the events of Evil Dead 2) and introducing his new team. The one main side plot provides the chills, but we’re not left waiting an age before we’re given some boomstick and chainsaw action.

Bruce Campbell is fantastic. He’s not lost what made Ash such a memorable character, and uses his extra mileage to good effect. Using his missing hand to attract lonely women, whilst the only leather strapping he uses now is to get himself into a girdle, there’s a charm about this stupid punch bag of a character that makes you root for him. Being a narcissistic prat is core to the character, and we see a lot of it; but seeing Ash accept his lot as the hero is joyful.

Most importantly this show feels like Evil Dead. A lot of that can be owed to many of the original team returning, such as Campbell, Director Sam Raimi and even composer Joseph LoDuca. The bravado, bloodiness and craziness that made the original films classics is here in spades.

It’s good to have you back Ash.

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