Back in 2012 I created a blog on Blogger. It was simple enough to get a piece of internet to share my thoughts and opinions. But there was a big question to answer first.

What do I call it? Well that story goes back even further.

I was fifteen or so and at my best mate’s house, which means I was likely playing Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid. My friend’s Dad, John, was a little worse for wear. He wandered into the living room, looked me up and down, and called me “Super Duper Chrissy Cooper”.

It stuck.

Friends, family, even the rota at my first full-time job. The nickname’s silliness and simplicity meant that five years later I was still regularly called ‘Super Duper’. So with the name firmly entrenched…I had it tattooed on my leg! Granted, it could easily be mistake for ‘San Diego Comic Con’, or ‘Southampton District County Council’, but it’s mine.

Sadly, ‘SDCC’ took on a deeper level of meaning in 2008, when John passed away. It will always be a funny name, but John was like a second father to me. When the tattoo catches my eye I’m reminded of a man gone too soon. A man that knew, despite our protestations, that we had borrowed a Ford Fiesta he’d purchased and answered our own question of ‘what happens when you’re driving forwards and jam the car into reverse?’*.

So Super Duper is important to me.

So when it came to a name for the site? I wanted to talk about stuff, and the best of it is Super Duper. Super Duper Stuff.

So that’s the name, but where did film reviews come from? I used to visit the cinema every Thursday with that same best friend. We’d jot down our score for each film on the ticket stub and discuss what we thought of it on the drive home. This led to me reading more reviews, mainly online, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t impressed. Rather than complain about what I saw as laziness, specifically with regards to including plot spoilers, I figured I’d write one myself. I ended up sending it into an up-and-coming website, Flickering Myth, and waited.

The site’s Editor encouraged me to write more reviews. It felt awesome to be getting my words out there but I wanted my own space. So SDS was born. At this time I cemented my feelings around spoilers. Essentially, there aren’t any. If I ever do delve into murky spoiler territory I’ll be careful to let you know first.

So why should you visit? I’m spending my own money on everything reviewed here. There’s no bias; it’s just the honest opinion of someone who likes to share his.

Welcome and thank you for reading.

*The gearbox falls out of the bottom.