A Bit of Pew Pew #6

Before we get into this I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has read about these little bits of pew pew so far. The X-Wing community is a vibrant one and if I can add something to it all then that’s just dandy.

I’ve had a good few weeks with Imperials now. I may reported on the losses but there have been some wins and it’s been fun. But it’s time for a switch, so in come the other faction I play as…Scum and Villainy! When it became apparent early on that I wouldn’t be collecting Rebels ships only two things bothered me; the HWK and Y-Wing. Two of my all-time favourite ships were out of reach. Scum fixed that whilst also making far better use of my Firespray. Happy days.

I played two games against my man Phil at Fistful. We’ve played each other plenty in the past and I’d say we’re fairly evenly matched. Here’s what he was running.

Syndicate Thug – 27
Y-Wing, TLT, Overclocked R4, Vectored Thrusters
Gand Findsman – 32
G-1A, Expertise, Fire-Control System, Mist Hunter, Tractor beam
Gand Findsman – 33
G-1A, Expertise, Fire-Control System, Vectored Thrusters

I know Phil likes his G-1As so this isn’t a shock. What was a shock was that in writing this squad up Phil and I realised that he’d miscounted. There’s only 92 points there. Perhaps something has been forgotten or maybe it’s just a mistake. Either way neither of us realised.

In the first game I used a mish mash of ships.

Sarco Plank – 24
Quadjumper, Attanni Mindlink, Spacetug Tractor Array, Intelligence Agent, Pattern Analyzer
Kaa’to Leeachos – 16
Z-95 Headhunter, Attanni Mindlink
Zuckuss – 33
G-1A Starfighter, Attanni Mindlink, Fire Control System, Ketsu Onyo, Mist Hunter, Tractor Beam
Palob Godalhi  27
HWK-290, Attanni Mindlink, Blaster Turret, Outlaw Tech

100 points

I’d not flown my Quadjumper or G-1A before and I can count the amount of games in which I’ve used a Z-95 on two fingers. Not the best start experience wise, but you’ve got to start somewhere! The bigger problem, and something I’d soon realise, is that Attanni Mindlink doesn’t work well across several different ships types with different dials. Each round I’d have to work around the dial with the least favourable options and I pretty consistently stitched myself up. Stressed at the wrong time or ending up on rocks made things a little bit tricky. Needless to say Phil stuffed me pretty well as he capitalized on my troubles.

Once again my fantastic timing left us finishing as everyone was mid-game. Fortunately Phil was up for it again. Lesson learnt, I took ten minutes fiddling and came up with an amended squad. I love X-Wing, but when you need to chance bases and dig out new cards (I’ve got a new binder for upgrade cards on the way), it’s a right faff.

Round two was fought with tuned squad, with some suggestions from Phil.

Sarco Plank – 27
Quadjumper, Predator, Spacetug Tractor Array, Tactician, Pattern Analyzer
Zuckuss – 33
G-1A Starfighter, Expertise, Fire Control System, Boba Fett, Mist Hunter, Tractor Beam, Glitterstim
Torkil Mux  27
HWK-290, Recon Specialist, Twin Laser Turret, Vectored Thrusters, Moldy Crow, Glitterstim

100 points

The first squad was a true rag tag bunch and that was their undoing. I tried to focus a bit more here. Falling back onto some bankable EPTs whilst making each ship on its own more of a threat seemed like a good way to go. In addition Phil lent me a ring counter…thing? It’s a ring that counts things! He picked it up at Salute 2017 and it was rather useful for counting the increasing number of focus tokens Mux would accrue. Saved on space too.

I could almost get away with saying ‘hah! and punching you on the arm after looking at this.

I’ve adopted a new tactic for starting games as I’ve realised I’m ****ing awful at setting up. If I have my ships facing along the edge of the board I can either turn in straight way or bolt away depending on how ballsy I’m feeling. A few times I’ll line up a ship with a corridor through rocks (hello Defender) but this seems to work for now. Phil took up a more classic position on my right of the board, facing in.

First couple of rounds I played it cool. I wanted to see if Phil would come through the rocks at me and I wanted Mux to build a little pool of focus tokens (gave me a chance to use the ring too).

In the third round I was a bit stupid, as the Quad got into range of his force with no backup. He survived OK but he was tractored into a great position, for Phil.

But then I sprung my trap! If only it had been planned and not something I sussed out on the fly after making mistakes. I remembered that the Quad could reverse! It duly did as the other ships came round into position. Phil followed in, hoping to take out the little Jumper, but instead found himself looking at all three, with rocks in the way. At this point the Y-Wing bit the dust. One tanky ship down. Two more to go!

Things looked as though they might turn into a cluster, so I decided to go in for it and see where things landed. Zuckuss tractored a Findsman onto a rock. He got caught up amongst my crew and after being taken down to PS0 didn’t manage another shot. Vectored Thrusters came into play here. Mux was focused up so could use the action to roll away from the edge of the board. I was scared of the other Findsman tractoring him into an awkward place. It’s an odd card to have on a HWK I guess but I liked having it there.

With one Findsman left things weren’t looking great for Phil. The HWK was slowly turning around so it was on Zuckuss to finish it. At first the Gand was in a great position but a couple of K-turns later, and with a higher PS, Zuckuss won the game for me. The HWK was just starting to come into play but missed the end (nicely played Mux).

1-1 and a good night. Even when it wasn’t going well this was a fun set of ships to pew pew with. The Scum HWKs are awesome, but Torkil steals it for me. Knocking one guy down to PS0 and then hammering him is immensely satisfying and no doubt aggravating for whoever I’m playing!
G-1As are really solid ships. I’ve heard about them being Scum B-Wings but I have no basis for comparison other than stats and dials. I liked it. The dial seemed decent enough to me and it’s got some good options on the go. Definitely would use them again, though the recent revelation that a Jumpmaster is very similar in cost might ruin that.
The Quadjumper was an odd one. Big learning curve I think. Once I figure out how to make a little bomber out of it I’ll try it again.

It was great to use the last few ships that I own but haven’t flown, though once again I didn’t use Glitterstim…

As long as I get enough work done on the nursery I’ll be hitting Fistful again and doing some more pew pew. What will I use? No idea! If you’ve got any suggestions send them over!

Fly casual guys.

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