A Bit of Pew Pew #11

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Hey there fellow pew-pewers!

It’s been nearly three months since I shared my thoughts with you, but I have a good reason.

I became a Dad. With the shift in priorities there also came a slight shift in perspective. But we’ll get to that.

Due to this huge change in my life I’ve only played a handful of games recently. So it’s obviously the perfect time to sign up for a tournament! My brother has managed to persuade me that tournament play is worth another go for the first time in about a year.

Why so long? Well, there were two tournaments in quick succession and I didn’t perform well in either. I’d invested so heavily into them that only an unrealistic performance would have satiated me. I was on a hiding to nothing.

The money, the time, the emotions. I’d built it all up way too much and I burnt myself out. It lead to three months of me not even looking at a ship. So as part of my tournament prep I’ve decided that I won’t just be looking at lists, but also at my approach to the whole game. I’ve been thinking about how my anger and general pissiness was just as bad for my opponents as it was for me. That’s out of order, and not something I want to display in front of my daughter.

I’ve had some pretty straight conversations with my brother and mates (cheers Ben, and thanks Greg, Martin and Stephen), and we’ve figured out a few things.

These things might not be particularly revelatory to you, but it’s been eye-opening for me.

Good for a reason

Being a stubborn dick about things doesn’t help, so I’ll work on accepting being fed lists and tactics for now. Not wanting to do things because I couldn’t figure them out myself is dumb so I’ll try to curb it. People far better than I have figured all sorts of lists and combos out, so why not use those ideas for my own benefit? Which ties into…

Being a special snowflake

Sitting there with my three Ion Deltas back in Wave IV might have stood out, but it didn’t get me anywhere. Once again it comes down to being stubborn and not wanting to follow the crowd. Perhaps I don’t have to jump into Nym or Vader, but I could do with lining myself up with some chance of success rather than doggedly persisting my own winning (and failing) strategy. There are ships I like that fit the current meta, so I’ll make use of them.

Initiative bids are an upgrade

I hate leaving points. It always feels like I haven’t built the list corectly, or that things aren’t optimal. But Greg has impressed on me the importance of shooting/moving first/last depending on what you want to do, especially in the high PS meta we’re in right now. Just because I’m not spending them, doesn’t make them wasted.

It’s not their fault

Opponent is better? I flew badly? Stupid dice? These all can and will happen. But it’s not my opponents fault! Everyone plays X-Wing to enjoy and hopefully win. I need to wind my neck in a bit and not get upset with everything around me when it’s ultimately just plastic ships. All it’s going to do is upset both of us and that isn’t fair.

Hm, it’s quite a bit isn’t it? Makes me sound like a right dick too. I’m a nice guy I promise!

Perhaps you can relate. You’ve probably got your own issues. They say admitting your problems is the first step.

I’m a Dad now…I’ve got an example to set.

Almost forgot! The list I’m going to take has been figured out. Ships I’ve flown before, but not the pilots or setups I usually use.

Colonel Vessery (35) – Veteran Instincts (1) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/x7 (-2)

Omega Leader (21) – Juke (2) Comm Relay (3)

Quickdraw (29) – Veteran Instincts (1) Fire Control System (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Pattern Analyzer (2)

97 Points

I’m not sure what shape Pew Pew #10 will take yet. It might be an update on practice games, or it might be a tournament report!

Regardless, I’ll be working hard to make the most of my list, my ability, and both mine and my opponents enjoyment of the game.

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