21 Jump Street Review

Never put off seeing a film by Lord and Miller. With this rap sheet you’d have thought I’d learnt my lesson by now.

1. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Saw it a few years later. Cracked me up.
2. The Lego Movie. Watched as soon as I could get into the cinema and it was ‘awesome’.
3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Consistently funny and well written. My wife and I would watch five in a row easily.

Now admittedly I wasn’t in love with Lord and Miller when 21 Jump Street was originally released. It’s more recent than that. But I should have watched it as soon as I was aware how much they’re work was up both mine and my wife’s streets. So far up our streets in fact they are coming back down the other side.

When Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko are reunited in the Police Force after a less than stellar relationship at High School, they become best friends and can’t wait to crack some skulls and take some names. The reality doesn’t live up to the dream, not helped by their general immaturity and incompetence, and they are soon reassigned to a revived scheme from the 1980’s that specialises in infiltrating high schools.

As expected, mistakes are made, things don’t explode, and lessons are learnt. So far so standard.

21 Jump Street however continually subverted, confounded and exceeded my expectations, with moments of sheer embarrassment meshing fluidly with comedy genius and a touching look back at how things have changed. Whilst I’d like to think I’d nail both the social and academic aspects of college with the knowledge gained since, deftly dealing with things 17 year old Chris would have deemed a problem, in actuality I’d be just as awkward as Hill and Tatum’s characters are.

With the film released two years ago I’d have expected the internet to have spoilt aspects of it. Huzzar! Not this time. This might not be a film you think would be troubled too much by spoilers, but try to go in clean if you can.

Just know that Tatum and Hill make for a fantastic pairing and this film is funny as hell throughout. Their chemistry and timing, added to a script hat had me fondly reminiscing about my college years, is a winning combination.

Continuing their frankly ridiculous level of well rounded comedic brilliance, Lord and Miller have left me figuring out how I’ll afford to book tickets to see 22 Jump Street. If you haven’t seen 21, don’t make the mistake we did. See it right away!

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