Weekend Viewing

I managed to do some more work on the bathroom with my wife this weekend. We had an unplanned Domino’s so now I’m waiting for payday.

But more importantly, we watched a lot of stuff.

The mid-season premieres of Arrow, Flash (Or Flarrow as my brother persists with calling it) and Legends of Tomorrow. Take Me Out. The Big Short. Kingsman.

Quite varied you might say!

Flash surprised me about as much as Arrow didn’t. I still enjoy both, but S4 of Arrow is still recovering from the mess that was S3. The Flash just jumps into crazy shit and expects you to roll (run?) with it. That’s pretty awesome as far as I’m concerned.

Legends of Tomorrow needs to find its rhythm. It’s clearly got a massive budget, but hopefully it can juggle the massive cast well. Each episode concentrating on one character will get boring. Could the CW have stretched themselves too far? I’m leaning towards no at the moment. The biggest thing that bugged me is how costumes just appear out of thin air and when questioned the answer is ‘Cisco’. Come on.

I’d love a hug from Paddy. It would be worth blacking out I think. Not much else to say. It’s this generations’s Blind Date and it’s easy entertainment.

Films! A fantastic weekend for films. You’ll find my little review for The Big Short here. Massively entertaining and informative. We saw Kingsman in the cinema last year, and it’s held up to a second viewing extremely well.

Not a bad weekend at all really. Just need to finish the bathroom next weekend now.

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