Venom Trailer Reaction

With Spider-Man now on the verge of being an Avenger, you’d think we’d all be dancing in the streets, happy that Sony saw sense enough (thank you Fiege) to let him become part of the MCU.

But it is a joint custody, and that leads to questions.

“Well, those movies will all take place in the world that we’re now creating for Peter Parker,”

“They’ll be adjuncts to it, they may be different locations, but it will all be in the same world, and they’ll be connected to each other as well.”

Amy Pascal, former big-cheese at Sony and Producer of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Guys…this doesn’t say ‘MCU’ to me…

An adjunct is an “optional, or structurally dispensable, part of a sentence, clause, or phrase that, if removed or discarded, will not otherwise affect the remainder of the sentence.” Doesn’t help does it?

So it’s not very clear what the situation is, and the trailers for Venom have done nothing to make it clearer. I’ll ignore the ‘Teaser Trailer’ (Tom Hardy shaking on a bed does not a Venom trailer make), and immediately focus on the now released ‘Official Trailer’.

Of course there’s only one aspect of this trailer that most will focus on, the title character! We finally get to see Venom himself, and it’s a good first impression. The tongue, the teeth, the eyes. That’s him alright. The ‘we’ speak sounds good too, as Hardy’s Brock barters with the SIM-BUY-OAT (My goodness this is annoying. You don’t need to say each syllable).

Moving on, I see the massively overdeveloped shoulders and traps. But I don’t see any white markings, and that leads me to my biggest question.

Does this Venom have anything to do with Spider-Man?

My gut says it would be weird if it doesn’t, as Venom is tied very closely to Venom in my mind (I’m all about the 90’s FOX show). But with some more thought, perhaps the white markings aren’t there, and a future interaction leads to Venom taking on board more spider-like traits and becoming less like ‘that guy from Prototype’, as my brother put it. In the ‘Ultimate’ universe, Venom doesn’t have such close ties to Parker, with the SIM-BUY-OAT instead originating as a medical experiment. It could even be a mix of things. This Venom’s inspiration is a concern for me personally, but there’s nothing to say it couldn’t work without web-head.

Most of my Marvel education came from this and X-Men

Hardy is in good nick, has ‘shady reporter’ nailed, and the head and neck of Venom looks suitably scary. Tom Holland’s Spidey would shit his pants at the first sight of this brute!

But then I take real notice of the rest of the trailer, and it’s very, how do I put this…eh? There’s a shady company, possibly a downed spacecraft, and a great actress possibly wasted in a small role. Not much else after that. The whole thing is about Hardy and the Symbiote (sorry, SIM-BUY-OAT), and when they aren’t on-screen there isn’t much to get excited about.

I want to be excited. Post Logan and Deadpool there is clearly a market for adult comic-book films. Stories unhindered by the need for merchandise, that ask lots of questions, and deal with more adult themes. But bar Tom Hardy and an impressive visual, I’m concerned we’re going to get something far less than either of those.

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