Venom Review

I do find the chasm between critics and audiences interesting sometimes. It seems in the case of Venom there have been very different expectations in play; for every normal cinema goer who think it’s alright and good fun, there are several critics chomping at the bit to rip it to shreds. Expectations can drastically shape your experience of a film, so I’d like to thank both myself for thinking the trailers looked rubbish, and all you guys out there who had already reviewed it negatively. Such a low bar was set that it couldn’t really go wrong!

And you know what? It didn’t go wrong. Not at all. In fact…I quite enjoyed it.

There are a few bumps to be sure – the plot is uneven and the villain is underdeveloped – but there are also a few bits I really liked.

The Eddie/Venom Bromance is the best part of it; Tom Hardy yammering away to himself has a certain charm. Venom himself looks the part, and I’d like to see more of their dynamic. It’s quite touching at times.

Though far from a masterpiece, it did more than do its job as a couple of hours of entertainment. A tighter script, bolstered by more confidence in what they’re doing, could work wonders in a sequel.

I thought I’d miss the Spider-Man connection. Overall, I probably would have preferred a story with him in it, but within the context of this film Webhead wasn’t needed for everything to make sense. I think it would be a mistake to try and shoehorn this into the MCU now, so hopefully it pushes on it its own direction.

Expectations and opinions are powerful agents to the uninitiated… but we are initiated, aren’t we? Adjust your own and you might just enjoy this.

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