Comic Review – Turtles in Time #2

Originally written for Flickering Myth.

Not caught up yet? Here’s my review for Turtles in Time #1

“The Turtles’ journey through time continues, and the next stop is Feudal Japan! The Turtles will meet some familiar faces and be forced to make one of the most important decisions of their lives. Will stopping the Shredder mean the end of the Turtles as we know them?”
Last month we followed our heroes as they took a trip to prehistoric times, took on some Utroms and gained pet! It was an extremely funny opening issue to this mini-series.

There is so much going on in this issue that I can’t talk about in the main review due to my avoidance of spoilers.  Suffice to say the turtles are given the chance to fundamentally change the status quo, and it’s completely understandable why they might.


Writer Erik Burnham has experience writing the TMNT before and it shows, with clear voices for each character. Every page is filled with emotion and information. He does manage to turn things on their head with who turns out to be calm and level-headed which made for a nice change. It’s a heavier story and very different to issue 1’s humour and slapstick, but it works with this combo of writer and artist.

Charles Paul Wilson III takes on art duties with Jeremy Mohler on colours. They complement each other well, with the muted tone matching the time period and situation the characters are in. Whilst I can see it’s a good fit for the piece, I’m not so keen on the design of the turtles at the start of the issue. They soon adopt samurai armour though, and in these panels they (and Charles) rock the shell out of it.

Any similarities with the third live action atrocity can be left at the door. This time travel story is so much stronger that it’s not worth comparing the two.

I am feeling a touch put out by not being sure where this series fits into the IDW chronology. We know that the 2014 TMNT Annual was delayed, so I’m assuming that will introduce to the time traveller Renet properly. But right now I can’t reconcile this story against what’s going on in the main title. Continuity has been strong though so I expect in time it will all come together.

We’re halfway through the series now, and we’ve seen so much already! Issue 2 is more serious than the first, with the chance of some strong ramifications for everyone involved. Very different, but both very good. Looking forward to issue 3! If you haven’t picked up this series yet and consider yourself a TMNT fan, you need to catch up. This series could make for some interesting changes in the main series, and I hope it’s taken full advantage of.


Turtles Tidits! Spoilers ahead.
  • What a coincidence that they’d be sent back to the exact place where their former selves are? There has to be more to it.
  • First Triceratons, and now poking around in their own history? It seems the TMNT are queuing up problems for themselves.
  • Speaking of which, is this going to change the present when they get back to it?
  • Come one Eastman, we need the annual so this can make sense!
  • Leo did pretty well against Saki. Improvement post ‘Dark Leo’ or didn’t care so much about himself?
  • Raph being calm makes for a nice change. Made sense in the story too.
  • Enjoyed seeing Mikey play with himself enjoy time with his human baby form. Funny to see human Leo giving Leo and Raph the stink eye too.

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