Comic Review – Casey & April #4

I’ve been with the IDW TMNT universe since the beginning and I’ve loved it. I do not like this series. I’d hoped it would improve, but I’m left disappointed. I can really only suggest you spend your hard-earned on this comic if you really must have everything TMNT related.

The biggest issue with the story is that nothing much happens. It could have easily been covered as a side story in the main title whilst the other heroes. The pace would have had to liven up considerably so as not to detract from the main battle, but this could have served it well. Instead it drags itself through four issues and leaves us barely better off than when we started.

My positivity increased when the TMNT popped up, but they had the creepiest dead look in their eyes! It’s quite unsettling; I don’t know how this was managed when I’ve never thought the white eyes look was creepy before. At least they aren’t in this long enough to be tainted.   If someone could explain what the aim of this series was I’d be happy to listen to you. Perhaps someone who really enjoyed it could discuss with me what they found in it. Because I’m at a loss. There is no action, no excitement, no intrigue, barely any progression, and no feeling of completion; merely some threads left hanging to be picked up later.

Really the only positive I can take is that this story is now over and we can fully concentrate on TMNT #50, which promises to be an altogether more exciting affair.  

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