Comic Review – Casey & April #3

“Casey and April are separated and both must face the Rat King’s maze alone. Clues to the Pantheon await just out of reach, but Casey and April may not be able to find them if they cannot find each other.”


I always try to remain positive. Maybe a story that starts off disappointingly will turn things. Maybe the positive aspects would be enough to get through; some nice artwork or a cool action scene.

No. Three issues into this 4 issue mini-series, Casey and April has done nothing to make me think it’s been a worthwhile use of time. The novelty of the art has worn off and all we’re left with is a dull, nonsensical story that appears to be waiting for its fourth issue to actually do anything.

From a few pages touching upon the story Theseus and the Minotaur, to our heroes meeting doppelgangers, this issue is all over the place. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t get what they’re driving at. Throw enough ideas at the page and some will stick? I don’t know. Reading this issue I don’t feel it gets that much closer to a conclusion; it’s just crawling along waiting to finish.

My positivity levels have reached dangerously low levels, so let’s try a different tact. If I work through the story from the start it might come together for me.

Casey and April set off. They argue. They split up. They both have small epiphanies having bumped into strangers. Then they get themselves into trouble having been played by the Rat King. Meanwhile the Rat King is sat around musing with a stranger.

That hasn’t helped at all actually.

It’s all very cliché, with story beats we’ve seen a hundred times before. That would be OK if they were executed with some panache. But it’s utterly lacking. Considering issue 47 of the main series contained a fair bit of Casey, which I really enjoyed, it’s amazing that this does absolutely nothing for me. April can be an interesting character too, but the pair are not being treated well here.

The only reason I’m looking forward to issue 4 is that it will end. Sounds considering my usual high praise for IDW TMNT. But I wont let that love blind me to poor issues.


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