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“From the start, two villains have dominated the Turtles’ lives: Shredder and Krang. Now, for the first time, they come face-to-face with each other in the present day! Will they be able to overcome their differences and join forces? It’s a very special stand-alone issue that guarantees some major surprises!”

I had completely forgotten that Mateus Santolouco would not be working on the art for this month’s issue of TMNT. So my heart sank a little when I noticed his name missing on the first page. But two things brightened my mood.

First, I think we’ve all been waiting for Krang and Shredder to meet (again?) in this incarnation of TMNT. The turtles’ two biggest and well known enemies forming an alliance?! This should be epic!

Secondly, Cory Smith’s name rang a bell, so I went hunting to find out why. Turns out he provided the art for the Karai issue in the ‘Villains’ micro this time last year.

“Cory Smith has performed admirably here, with his art of a similar standard to that set by Mateus Santolouco in the main TMNT title. His placement of panels, and the ease in which they flow into one another is a joy to follow. The amount of thought no doubt put into their composition results in an easy to follow piece.”

Now you could call me lazy for pasting a section from my review of his work last time, but it sums up how I feel now. Smith’s art is very easy on the eyes, following Santolouco’s design lead with his own detailing. Shredder and Alopex comes across particularly well I feel. His Krang looks marvellously malevolent too. All I’d change this time around is that I think this art is of the same standard as the Mateus’ work. I’d like to see him take on the turtles in the future.

For an issue that involves a lot of talking between two characters it sped by really quickly. I was hoping for more pages! But on reflection it was a good balance. Sure it drops in action near the end, but it had to really didn’t it? Who doesn’t want to see things kick off between these two? Anyone afraid they’ll become a pair of clumsy barely threatening foes can rest easy. They’re both supremely bad ass and Waltz, Smith and Pattison make sure we know it. Some great action tops off of well written and staged dialogue scenes sprinkled with blasts from the past.

We’ve recently seen Leo spoken to by the Rat King and struggle to remember, and here we find Alopex in a similar situation. To me it looks as thought Shredder and Krang might not end up being top of the threat list.

Another month and another strong issue of TMNT. The meeting that we’ve been waiting for didn’t disappoint, and I was pleasantly surprised by how it worked out. With a three part story coming up I’m very curious where it will be heading next. So many ways it could go, and that’s a great thing to have.

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If you fancy some more spoilery thoughts read on….t

TMNT Tidbits! Watch out for spoilers.

  • With Leo the Rat King’s ‘Knight’, is Alopex now Kitsune’s? There seems to be a massive war coming, and it cold dwarf Krang and Shredder.
  • Never thought I’d be on Shredder’s side in a story! But he is a cool customer.
  • Nice little twist at the end! Tricky ninja!
  • Bludgeon? That’s a bit on the nose isn’t it? Another mutant to add to the ranks. Reminds me of Street Sharks!
  • No turtles this issue. No matter, it works anyway. That’s a strong story right there.
  • Good to see Koya again. She’s a cool character. Can’t see any colour in her eyes though.
  • Notice on the over that their hands aren’t actually shaking? There’s a big clue right there to how this issue pans out
Also, I have interviews with TMNT artists Ross Campbell and Mateus Santolouco.

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